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Guitars in the classroom


Guitars In The Classroom began as an idea to bring hands-on music to general education teachers so they could become song leaders for learning. The hope was that these dedicated professionals could make it possible for students to sing in school as a part of learning any or every subject. Because so many teachers wanted to bring music into their own lives, supporting them to accomplish that goal, and to pass it along to their students, became their first mission.

The program has been enormously successful and has continued to grow, year after year, because of enthusiastic teachers, music product manufacturers business sponsors, supportive foundations, artists, private individuals and a hard working board of directors. For over 18 (eighteen) years now, GITC faculty members have been training teachers in public schools in 32 (thirty two) states and Canada, to sing, play, write lyrics for learning and lead hands-on music with elementary students. Because over 13,000 teachers have trained with GITC (and about 1300 more train annually) their work is reaching about a million students each school year with integrated music making for literacy, math and all other subjects. GITC’s efforts focus on serving students during their most formative years when foundational skills in speaking, reading, writing and thinking as well as interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence can grow quickly. AMI Guitars is a proud sponsor of this enriching community program that is available to all.

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